The new Peugeot Rifter is having a remarkable success in the European market. The arrival to the dealers of the tourism versions of the new commercial vehicles animated the sales of minibuses. The trio of PSA Group commercials is the main protagonist of this trend change. The Peugeot Rifter is one of them. It is accompanied by the new Citroën Berlingo and the new Opel Combo Life.Like its ‘first cousins’, the new Peugeot Rifter has a long version. An interesting alternative to seven-seat SUVs. The new Peugeot Rifter Long is already on sale in European dealers and this new version completes the Rifter line. Its production is in progress, being manufactured in the plant that the French automotive group owns in the Spanish city of Vigo.Aesthetically it has a very attractive design, since it offers an image more typical of a Peugeot SUV than a commercial vehicle. The free height of the body in relation to the ground invites a break in the field and the numerous plastic protections bring strength to the drawing. Also worth noting are the longitudinal ceiling bars.Compared to the standard Peugeot Rifter, the new Rifter Long is 35 inches longer. Thanks to this difference, in its interior can travel with total comfort up to seven adult passengers. In addition, it has a larger cargo space and allows to carry objects up to 3.05 meters in length on a completely flat floor due to the fact that the seats are retractable.The modularity and versatility of the new Peugeot Rifter Long are made possible by the vehicle being supported by the PSA EMP2 platform. To access the boot we can do it through the folding rear window, since there are two heights available to cover the load. As with the Peugeot Rifter, the Long version has a complete technological equipment.

The Peugeot i-Cockpit concept is present in the interior. On the front stands the 8.0 inch capacitive touch screen. It is the nerve center of the passenger compartment and is the key element to use Peugeot’s infotainment system. There are also different driving assistance systems such as active speed governor, speed limit recognition, active unintentional shift alert and Active Safety Brake system. In addition, Advanced Grip Control is optionally available.The line of the Peugeot Rifter Long is composed of four levels of finish: Access, Active, Allure and GT Line. The most basic termination counts on a remarkable equipment of series where stand out elements like the air conditioning, wheels of steel of 15 inches, cruise control, speed limiter, system of audio with Bluetooth and connection USB, besides sliding door in the side of the companion and with fixed window.The mechanical supply consists of diesel and gasoline engines. Among other engines, there is a 1.5 hp BlueHDi and a PureTech 1.2 hp 110 hp petrol engine. The only engine that can be coupled to an eight-speed EAT8 automatic transmission is the 130 hp BlueHDi 1.5 diesel.

2018 – PEUGEOT 2008 STYLE

Living a unique moment in its history and with the most modern line of its portfolio in the country, Peugeot presents to the market the special series limited 2008 Style. The compact SUV that has completely innovated the way of driving based on its differentiated items, such as the Peugeot i-Cockpit and the sequential automatic transmission AT6, gains a more sporty and adventurous version, ready to please the public that seeks exclusivity, comfort, technology and pleasure in driving.The new model, made in Porto Real (RJ), comes to the market with exclusive equipment, which not only contributes to the already dashed look of the car’s lines, but adds comfort, technology and cuddles to the demanding Peugeot consumer. On the outside, the 2008 Style features an exclusive set of 16-inch HydreEnticelle alloy wheels and wheelhouse frames, which bring a more adventurous air to the special series, giving sturdiness and protection to the body.In terms of comfort, the 2008 Style is surprising to include in its unique items package the automatic digital air conditioning system, which allows the driver and front passenger to individually adjust the temperature on the side of the car. The model also has central armrest with object holder, element that provides even more comfort and practicality to the driver. Other unique features of the series are the set of custom mats and monograms.

In addition to all the new equipment in the special series, the Peugeot 2008 Style also maintains family-friendly items such as the AT6 six-speed sequential automatic transmission with four different driving modes; autopilot and speed limiter, DRL LED lights, four airbags (two front and two side), Isofix for child seats, rear mirrors in bright black color and 7.0-inch multimedia center Peugeot Connect Radio, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Self.Few units of the special series will be manufactured, with option of two different colors, White Banquise and GrayAluminum, and value already included in the price of R $ 82,990. The novelty is already available in the network of Peugeot dealers throughout Brazil, consolidating its strategy of being the main reference in the market in quality of products and services.”With 2008 Style we offer the Peugeot consumer more equipment and exclusive items as standard for a price below what is practiced by the market or what he would find in the competition,” explains Renato Sollitto, product manager at Peugeot.


Peugeot, which recently launched the astonishing Peugeot 3008 Pack and Peugeot 5008, now features the Peugeot 208 INCONCERT special series. The investment in the new version is focused on optimizing the audio system, delivering superior sound quality.The new special series reaffirms the new moment of the brand, which advances in its strategy of being the main reference in the sector in quality of products and services. The restructuring of the entire network, coupled with the modern product range, reinforcesthe company’s commitment to the consumer.”The arrival of the 208 INCONCERT meets the demand of a more demanding consumer, who seeks refinement, technology and sportsmanship in the same product. The idea of ​​this release is to take the audio experience to another level, combining quality with an excellent content package. In that first moment, we will have 250 units for sale “, explains Renato Rodrigues, product manager of Peugeot doBrasil.And as part of the launch of the 208 AM 2019 line, the INCONCERT 208 limited special series brings a unique sound experience through the use of an 8.0-inch Slim Subwoofer and 250 Watts RMS of power. Sealed in aluminum and installed in the trunk, the Subwoofer has a bold design and features tuning for frequency and gain limits.

Based on the 208 Active Pack Auto, the INCONCERT 208 has a set of four speakers and two tweeters from the Italian ASK. The series also features INCONCERT monograms on the sides and rear mirrors in bright black color, giving a greater touch of sportiness to the car.The audio system also includes the modern and connected 7.0-inch Peugeot Connect Radio Multimedia Center, with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto protocols for the mirroring of several applications, including Google Maps and Waze, through Android AUTO.To enhance the sportiness of the vehicle, the series incorporates leather-wrapped steering wheel, fog lights, rear-view mirrors in glossy black and short antenna on the roof. Complete, the model even offers autopilot with speed limiter, 15-inch alloy wheels with 195/60 tires, rear camera, alarm, Isofix, among other standard accessories.The 208 INCONCERT is equipped with a 1.6 16V FlexStart engine, which generates 118 hp at 5,750 rpm and maximum torque of 158 Nm at 4,750 rpm (numbers with ethanol), always associated with the 6-speed sequential automatic transmission with four different driving modes: Drive, Eco, Sport and Sequential.The suggested price for the new fleet is R $ 65,490, available in White Branquise and GrayAluminum, already included in the price of the car.


The current generation of the Peugeot 208 is already approaching the end of its life cycle and for this reason the European line of the French model has undergone a series of modifications in the last months, that ended up with a line composed only by the body of five doors and already without the more sportive versions.Now the French brand enriches the offer featuring a special series that carries the Signature denomination, which stands out for offering a richer equipment at a convenient price, betting on connectivity and some specific aesthetic details.The new Peugeot 208 Signature Edition is below the Tech Edition and GT Line, as a new alternative that will try to win the younger users. Outwardly featured by its 16-inch alloy wheels with specific design, plus a chrome grille and rear-view mirrors in the same color of the body.Inside the chrome package is highlighted, besides a specific design upholstery. The most relevant 208 Signature series equipment includes ABS brakes with EBD; front, side and curtain airbags; traction and stability controls; ramp starting assistance; air conditioning; an infotainment system with a touch screen of 7.0 inches and compatibility with Mirror Screen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.In addition, it is also part of the standard equipment with central locking with remote control, two electric windows, heated mirrors, automatic lights, rain sensor, rear parking sensor, speed control with limiter, LED daytime running lights, fog lights , 16-inch alloy wheels, among others.
The engine offering for this new special series of the 208 includes two petrol engines and one diesel. Customers can choose between a PureTech 1.2-liter gasoline unit that develops 82 hp, or 110 hp as an alternative for more performance. In the diesel part the offer contemplates only the block BlueHDi of 1.6 liters with 100 cv of power. The 82 hp engine is coupled to a five-speed manual transmission, while the most powerful are coupled to a six-speed manual or EAT6 automatic transmission in the case of the PureTech 110 hp.

2018 – PEUGEOT 208 WRX

Still celebrating its success in this year’s Dakar Rally, Team Peugeot Total is planning to reach the top now in a new category: the World Rallycross Championship. To celebrate its first year in this spectacular and competitive sport, the Peugeot Sport team is preparing a 2018 version of the Peugeot 208 WRX, which has already shown much potential in rallycross since making its debut in 2014.There will be three Peugeot Total official riders at this year’s World Championship: Legend Sebastián Loeb – nine-time world rally champion – Rallycross leader Timmy Hansen and his intrepid younger brother Kevin Hansen. The Swedes represent the ‘next generation’ – part of the most successful family dynasty in the sport’s history – and will benefit from Loeb’s driving experience.For the competition, a new Peugeot 208 WRX was prepared for 2018, which will be updated step by step throughout the season. The goal: to score as many points as possible from the start of the championship, and to seek the title of drivers and teams in the future, increasing the victorious history of Peugeot’s off-road motorsports.While Loeb and Timmy Hansen will be driving the new version of the car, Kevin Hansen will get a car evolution of 2017. Developments that will be brought to the latest generation of 560 hp Peugeot 208 WRX power are designed to make it more powerful . Not only is it faster and lighter, but also easier to drive, with a more reactive feel and better torque.The Peugeot Sport engineering team worked intensively on aerodynamics to increase the performance of cars. Mechanically, in addition to the evolutions of the engine, the new car also revised the front suspension, shock absorbers and has larger wheels, as well as a faster transmission. The result is a challenging rallycross designed to exceed expectations.

Christmas is a story of vulnerability and strength’

Christmas is undoubtedly the most exuberantly celebrated celebration in our culture: witness the numerous Christmas markets, street decorations, the atmosphere music in shopping streets, and the family celebrations, extensive dining, fun and gifts, often to the abundant. The story behind it, however, is increasingly disappearing into the background, fading, evaporating … The cheerful Santa Claus has culturally repressed the tender Christmas child, as it sometimes seems. For many, those stories about the stall and the manager, the ox and the donkey, the sages and the star are just a kind of vague fairy tale, like those of the Brothers Grimm.: sea-sweet and moving, but purely invented. Although no one can verify the exact historical facts about the birth of Jesus, there are still important differences: this is a person who has really lived, walked around and preached, and who has radically changed history. So let us not use the word ‘fairy tale’ or ‘myth’ too quickly. This birth story also exudes a large number of values that are quite countercultural, both in that time and today. The ‘Savior of the world’ who is born in a stable, even Hollywood could hardly have invented such a scenario. The performances we make of it, about Joseph and Mary on their donkey to Bethlehem and who got their baby in the straw: it looks like a woolly, pinkish story from an old children’s storybook, but it was raw reality for them.  In terms of experience, it is very close to stories of young families fleeing from war who have to give birth during a trip in a bus shelter. And it has something very contradictory that we celebrate this story with exclusive expensive snacks and overwhelm each other with the latest digital gadgets.

But for the God of the Bible, this should not be so strange, because He is the ‘director’ who has staged it all. Why? What was the hidden ‘script’ behind this strange scenario that nobody understood at the time – and I wonder who understands it today. Why could not He let his son be born in the imperial palace in Rome, in satin sheets, with trumpet and drum roll, with rows of high-ranking people who came to sit down for their homage? That would have been much more logical and simpler? But not, because God does not think as cliché and stereotyped as people. You can expect a surprise from him every day, say: a miracle. When we think we ‘understand’ Him, He frustrates us again by coming out from another angle.

There are some striking aspects in the Christmas events that go against our culture, or actually against all human tendencies. A baby is already extremely weak and fragile anyway: it is really helpless and could not possibly survive on its own. The same baby in a trough in a stable is this even more because the environment is then also hostile. And if the poor family had hoped that the worst was over, the misery only started: the tyrannical king Herod was in his paranoia intent on killing this birth in blood. This baby was thus attacked from the first days of his life by the absolute monarch, who did not at all his aggression and repression. Now Joseph and Mary became really refugees. It was even an ‘intercontinental flight’: from Asia to Africa. But it was far from nice because Egyptians looked down on their Jewish neighbors with contempt. And yet this was not a problem for that God to put his own son in such a scenario. He stood there with great reassurance to look at, knowing that it would all be alright. A baby already speaks of frailty, but in those circumstances, it was the double vulnerability. There is a lot of life energy to protect and protect ourselves: material, financial, emotional, relational … Think of all possible ‘insurances’ against every conceivable risk and all security today. We organize our lives so that we are safe and covered, even if we have to build thick walls. Why then does this God so deliberately and radically choose for vulnerability? Well eh, maybe exactly to do something about those thick walls? Because those thick walls of self-defense are at the same time also walls in which we imprison ourselves, do not we?

In our time, individualism and autonomy are glorified as secular dogmas: we must be inaccessible, untouchable, unperturbed. The modern man places himself on the throne and wants to play for god there: he strives for omnipotence and immortality. Our culture continuously teaches us to stand on our own feet, not to need anyone, to be complacent. Dependency sounds like a curse word. We must always look cool and cool, but in the meantime, we walk on our toes until we get cramps. Vulnerability drives us to fear, yes, but at the same time, it brings us closer to the bare core of existence: who am I when everything around me falls away? When all masks and beautiful appearances fall, and I ‘stripped’ of all the tierlantijntjes? When I have been completely driven out of my comfort zone? Or, if the package is torn off, is it clear that the box is empty? Glamor and glitter are often like a smokescreen to hide our inner insecurity, creating a false security or a fake identity. There is great power in those who dare to pose themselves vulnerable: he dares to drop his self-defense and show his weaknesses. It’s disarming, is not it? It is true, more authentic. It creates proximity and real contact.

But it is a risk: the outstretched hand can be ignored, the good intention can be misused, someone can stab a dagger in the weak spot. That is why it is courageous to do. You must be willing to cash. You must be sure enough of who you really are. The vulnerability is a strength. Those who dare to take a step towards real humanity are refreshingly authentic. He wants to make a deep connection. Behind this Christmas story is not only a different image of man, but also a different image of God, which was quite revolutionary for that time. The Greek gods on the Olympusberg prefer to stay far away from the people: the mortals could not even come close, because this was hybrids (‘hubris’) that was always severely punished. The gods remained on their high mountain, in their “sacred isolation,” and would never humble themselves by descending. The Christmas story speaks of a God who does not keep away from the mortals, not even from their suffering. He chooses as a place of birth a dirty trough in a stable that smelled of manure, in a context of infanticide and flight. He even knows in advance that He will be rejected, stricken and chased, mocked and spit on, and eventually even crucified, but this does not scare Him off. Weakness is a different kind of power. Love always takes risks. He’s talking about it, because that’s what it’s worth to him to really connect with people. This ‘director’ is also constantly misunderstood in the world. But he was not mistaken: the scenario turned out to ‘work’: this vulnerable and upsetting baby has changed the world more profoundly than the then Roman emperor Augustus in his white marble palace. After 2000 years still have 2.5 billion followers, you do not just do that. He has apparently hit the right, sensitive string in people. How he did that is another story …

The Christmas days are behind us. Days of family fun, with Christmas lights in the hedge, and a buy artificial christmas tree with packages underneath. And next to those parcels, a Christmas stalls-with-baby-Jesus. A stall that was packed in that big cardboard box where ‘Christmas decoration’ gets up and that, without any discussion or major considerations, is set up with the Christmas tree. My party also has a Christmas stall. It is the first letter of her name: the C-of-CD & V. A C which is not discussed internally, which the members perceive as ‘belonging to the standard package’, but which we do not waste too many words on. Which we do not ‘explain’ internally or externally. And I would like to see that differently. “CD & V? No, that with that belief and things is nothing for me” Because today, as Flemish Christian Democrats, we have opportunities in two areas when we fail to highlight what that C stands for. And also, what she does not stand for. After all, I regularly speak with young people who tell me that CD & V does not appeal to them because ‘all that religious or church is nothing for them’. Error: CD & V is not a religious or religious party. Believers of all tendencies and non-believers are welcome at CD & V. That was already the case at the establishment of the CVP in 1945, but still this is not clear enough today. Not that for personal reasons I would like to contrast myself with the church: on the contrary, as a practicing Catholic – with progressive stamp – I would like to thank the Flemish church community. Only politics, and a choice for CD & V, is not a question of religious convictions, but of values conviction. And now let that C be incredibly value-full.

“CD & V, what do you stand for”? A question that CD & V people sometimes get is ‘what do you really mean for now’? And we also respond to this. That today we are the only center party in Flanders. That we consider principles such as stewardship, personalism, and subsidiarity important. Difficult notions, but with some explanation we can convince the questioner of the value behind these concepts. What we need to be able to explain much more concretely at that moment is what our priorities are, what we are really putting in front of . Or, what is unacceptable to us, the red lines that we will never exceed. The option for the weakest ones And that C provides very clear ground principles. To pick out one that is close to my heart: the option for the weakest. The unconditional non-abandonment of disabled, mentally ill, homeless, illegal immigrants, drug addicts. A diverse group of people in a precarious situation, in which they have sometimes ended up in their own way. Of people who, according to some, do not produce anything economically and may never do that again. But who deserve our unconditional support. Un-conditional. In a society that imposes more and more conditions.

An open, inviting C that appeals to new groups

I also believe that by putting our C more forward as an open, inviting, but valuable C, new people will call themselves Christian Democrat. For example, I notice that many New Flemish people – with diverse backgrounds or religious convictions – strongly value family values, attach importance to openness to ideology, adhere to ethical care as well. Values that are specific to the C. Although we count a lot of New Flemings in our ranks, the C remains a barrier for many others to this day. While the net should be our unique selling proposition. I hope that as CD & V we will polish our Christmas stalls again, realize what it is all about beautiful, and dare to explain to others why it is still under our tree.